How to Apply Serums

How to Apply Serums

We were brought up using creams, but do you know how to apply serums?  We all have memories of our mothers smothering us with thick layer of cream before going outdoors on summer day. We know how to apply it, we know the drill, but I am amazed when I go to Trade Shows or live demonstrations, how very few women know how to use serums.

Serums are a relatively new invention in the beauty industry.  Serums are a thicker liquid that usually contains  active ingredients like  anti-oxidants and vitamins created with with smaller molecules so they can penetrate deep into the skin.There are several serums in the market now, but once you've found the right one for your type of skin. How do you apply them?

Most serums come with a dropper. Squeeze the dropper and immerse the dropper into the serum. release the dropper and the liquid will be suctioned into the dropper. Now  press the dropper and release liquid on to the palm of your hand. With your index finger pick up the serum and apply to the eye or delicate areas of your face. Make sure the dropper never touches the skin or you will be picking up bacteria from your skin and putting it back in the serum.

Here at Seabenefit we have developed Fountain of Youth Serum as an aid to balancing the skin’s moisture levels and improving the tone and texture of the skin. Nutrient rich, this serum contains  vitamins A, C, & E and is easily absorbed into the skin.

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