Total Prestige Magazine Interview with Citlali Chevaili. Founder and CEO of Seabenefit and Citlali Chevaili Marketing. San Francisco, USA

January 27, 2018 Shawn Klajic

Citlali Chevaili took her experience and expertise of working in the skin care product industry, and produced her own line of high-quality items. In 2013, Chevaili introduced the world to Seabenefit, and she has been receiving rave reviews of her products ever since. Seabenefit’s unique line offers customers the chance to truly see a difference in the way they look and feel. By using healing benefits provided by the sea, users can experience real improvement in their skin.

Seabenefit Seaweed Soap

June 23, 2017 Citlali Chevaili

1- Why is this Soap so unique?
 Seabenefit™ Seaweed Soap is unique because of the combinations of its elements: Natural Seaweed Extracts, Seven Plant Botanicals and a Natural Sisal Fiber Loofah. 
You will be benefiting from the Seaweed & Botanicals Content in the Soap combined with the topical massage that  helps you get rid of cellulite plus you get with the 100% natural sisal fiber loofa that wraps it. The two combined helps you exfoliate your skin and to temporally stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The lymphatic system is the one in charge of getting rid of toxins, excess...

Anti-Cellulite Tips

November 29, 2016 Citlali Chevaili

Tips to Eliminate Cellulite 1) Toxins.Cellulite is caused by toxins. Processed foods are your worst enemy and should be reduced. Excess of processed foods, alcohol, tobacco only worsen cellulite.2) DietA healthy diet is more important than you think.  Increase your intake of fresh foods, this is simple most fresh foods do not come in a package. Pre- manufactured foods are usually full of fats, sodium, preservatives (chemicals) or sugars, making your body work harder to eliminate them. If it can't deal with them if will just store them in the fat deposits, and their appearance is cellulite.Examples of great anti-...

Some Amazing Facts About Seaweed You Might Not Know

October 15, 2016 Citlali Chevaili

Discover the many benefits of seaweed. Seawater, seaweed, and other marine-based products are rich in minerals and healthy antioxidants.

How to Apply Serums

May 09, 2014 Citlali Chevaili

We were brought up using creams, but do you know how to apply serums?  We all have memories of our mothers smothering us with thick layer of cream before going outdoors on summer day. We know how to apply it, we know the drill, but I am amazed when I go to Trade Shows or live demonstrations, how very few women know how to use serums. Serums are a relatively new invention in the beauty industry.  Serums are a thicker liquid that usually contains  active ingredients like  anti-oxidants and vitamins created with with smaller molecules so they can penetrate deep...