Some Amazing Facts About Seaweed You Might Not Know

October 15, 2016 Citlali Chevaili

Most people will think of sushi when they hear of seaweed and then never think about this wonderful gift from the sea ever again. Unless it's wrapped up with some delicious fish and rice, nobody gives seaweed a second glance. It’s about time to change our mindset on that.

underwater kelp

There's a plethora of benefits this phenomenal seagrass provides us with and you don't even have to eat it! Just sit back, unwind, and take in your new found knowledge of seaweed and how it can change your life.

Everyone can agree a day at the spa can do a body good, but what about thalassotherapy? Think of a blissful spa day but with a marine makeover. Seawater, seaweed, and other marine-based products are rich in minerals and healthy antioxidants. Spa treatments are often for people to relax and escape for a bit, but with thalassotherapy treatment, you will also reap tons of other life changing benefits from its many healing powers. There are many forms of treatments and advantages, here are just a few to ponder.

Mineral bath

Let's take a seaweed bath for example. While it will feel like a divine pool of serenity to you, what you won't feel is the seaweed enriching your body by boosting your calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Weight loss

Feeling a bit bloated? Seaweed wraps are a fantastic way to re-mineralize your body and slim up your figure. Just get wrapped up and chill out for a while!


Feeling a bit sore because you have a laborious job? Heated seawater jet massages help relieve aching joints and dissolve circulatory problems all while you relax and drift away to another world.

Skin care

If you have tried everything under the sun to help get rid of skin issues, put the chemical-filled products down and go for something wholesome and natural. The seaweed plant is packed full of niacin, your necessary vitamins, folic acid, and other helpful minerals that leave your skin feeling moisturized and looking flawless.

There are many seaweed products and methods out there to help your ailments and needs, which method will you be trying soon?


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