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Sage & Lavender Sacred Space Clearing Spray

Sage & Lavender Sacred Space Clearing Spray

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Cleanse your Sacred Space with the mist of White Sage, Lavender, Peppermint Essential Oils, and Purified Spring Water, a fusion that elevates your spirit and mood.

Sage is considered one of the most healing and sacred herbs on the earth. Lavender is clearing and cleansing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Peppermint keeps the energy clear and fresh. The fusion and blend of these plants bring peace, harmony, and positive energy to your personal space.

There are many instances when smudging with incense is impossible; that is when the Sacred Space Spray can be used. Create your Daily Ritual of infusing positivity and lifting your mood.

When we use the essential oils in a sacred way, we call the plant's life energy spirit: the plant's vital life force and essence work with our energy centers or chakras.

Use it in your office to revitalize your personal space. Clears negativity and harmonizes.

Shake well before use.


  • Aluminum Bottle
  • White Mister
  • 3 oz.


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